High Performance KVM solutions transform a single monitor into a gateway to all of your systems, none of which need to be in the same physical location as the screen. This allows your most sensitive workstations to be moved to secure climate controlled locations - another room, or building - saving space, increasing security and enabling preventative maintenance to take place behind the scenes. While increasing security and reliability, ADDER High Performance KVM solutions also increase flexibility and productivity. A user only requires a single keyboard, screen and mouse to control any number of remotely-located workstation, switching instantly between applications and carrying out multiple functions in quick succession. Whether you’re an artist moving between editing tools, or a producer controlling a live production, that level of flexibility enables you to deliver better content to your audience, faster.

Focus on the user

Your users and artists are the core of your workflow, and so why not provide them with the best when it comes to the choice of connectivity. If users have to spend time thinking about connectivity, they aren’t spending time thinking about the task at hand that pays the bills. As such, a High performance KVM should be absolutely transparent to the user until the critical moment of interaction when it must be fast, intuitive and reliable.

Focus on the engineer

By selecting an IP-based solution, we further exploit intuition during installation through to ongoing management. IP networks have been and will be around for a very long time, so expertise already exists in most businesses. This concept doesn’t change here. Adding devices to a network is very straight forward, making scalability truly fluid. This differs greatly from other more traditional setups where the cost of increasing the system by just one end point is significant, and requires additional equipment installed by engineers with specific knowledge of the proprietary technology.


Maintaining suite occupancy is critical in the Post Production environment as it directly correlates to revenue. IP-based high performance KVM technologies allow a facility to reconfigure suites at the press of a button, or customize a series of suites to handle a specific production. The idea of the ‘cookie cutter’ suite has really caught on, allowing a facility to roll-out standard sets of interfaces, monitors and audio and then re-function the suite in less than a second. One minute it could be NLE, then grading, CGI, VFX, audio and so on. What’s more, users can duplicate connections to multiple suites allowing collaborative rather than silo based workflows across large productions. High performance KVM really does allow you to set your suites free.


The value of Broadcast and Post Production lies in the data that flows around the facility. Naturally, this information holds great commercial value, and as such needs to be protected. High Performance KVM delivers this security. Beyond the operational benefits KVM delivers, it also creates an ‘air gap’ between data and user. Adderlink Infinity can help you to prevent content theft by limiting direct access computing & network hardware, preventing the use of mass storage devices and utilizing network security protocols and secure users access.

Video Performance

Adder KVM technology is designed to deliver reference-grade video performance. Each KVM system is designed to deliver ‘Pixel Perfect’ video so the pixels the user sees are exactly the same as those leaving the computer. 1:1 pixel mapping combines this pixel perfect principle alongside delivery of advanced EDID information, maintaining communication between computer and monitor for absolute precision. The highest quality video, in real-time and at the frame rate you desire.

Performance Peripherals

Using the right tools for the job is an important aspect of your workflow. Ensuring those tools are supported by your choice of connectivity is therefore essential. Adder's depth and breadth of experience with specialist USB devices helps you make sure, your careful device selection and familiarity with the tools you love is never wasted. From graphics tablets and touch screens through to advanced grading control surfaces or even production switchers, your investment is safe.

Managed Reliability

Having reliable access to the systems around you is a must in critical environments such as MCR or production studios. When the pressure is on, no one wants to think about connectivity. Adder's silent hero approach to connectivity ensures your primary access is supported by a multi-layer redundant strategy. From redundant networking to synchronized control systems, you can work securely in the knowledge that your KVM connectivity will not let you down. In addition, by employing advanced power solutions such as RED PSU, you can expand your reliability beyond connectivity and into devices from other manufacturers that do not benefit from such forethought.

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