About Us

ColorScene started in 2010 when David Catt, having left his position at DaVinci, decided to partner with fellow Colorist Ron Anderson as a free-lance colorist. When DaVinci was sold to Blackmagic Design, David was asked by BMD to handle DaVinci Resolve customer sales and support on the East Coast of the USA. ColorScene now undertakes DaVinci Resolve, Fairlight and Fusion as well as Diamant Film Restoration software sales in the whole of the USA, Canada, & Latin America.

Our focus is providing the best technology for our Post-Production and Broadcast clients. With Data-aware and metadata based software solutions we can create the best and most efficient content creation environments and infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

ColorScene is a leader in deploying high-end, task specific hardware and software solutions for a variety of Media and Entertainment sectors. Including post-Production, Network Broadcast, Higher Education, Enterprise client, and Public Institutions. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia; ColorScene services all of the major USA markets with customers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, NYC, Ottawa and Washington DC.

We sell all of Blackmagic's Catalog and can provide cost-conscious solutions with their products. We also resellers for Hs-Art's Diamant Film restoration software plus Storage Area Networks, NAS systems and Tape based archiving utilizing either GPFS, SNFS, ZFS or HyperFS file systems.

While it might seem because of our background that we specialize in color grading, we are a full service system integrator with experience in all aspects of post production and production. From Live Production and streaming to cinema cameras, audio, telecine and post from acquisition to delivery.

With years of combined sales, support and technology experience, we have the knowledge and business expertise to help midsize and large organizations design, engineer, and deliver value and efficiency, resulting in greater productivity and savings.

Meet the Team

David Catt

Owner, Colorist, Trainer

David Catt started life in the film and television industry as a telecine engineer at Rank Cintel in the UK where he also ran the Cintel training department for a while before going to SVC Television. SVC, based in Soho was a leading edge London post production facility and David joined as their chief (and at the time only) engineer. His knowledge and understanding of the process led to taking over as full time colorist. He built a second telecine suite and then a third which used the very first Da Vinci color corrector in Europe. Later, he built the first Tape to Tape room in Europe also using a Da Vinci system.

Perhaps by necessity David became very close to many of the staff at Da Vinci and in 1994, they offered him the position of Product Manager. He began working with the Da Vinci engineers to develop products from a colorists perspective, and created the product specifications for the Da Vinci 2K and Resolve.

In 2007, David moved over to Film Systems to become their Product Manager with the intention of building a new film scanner. However, the writing was on the wall even then that main stream film was on the decline. Not long after Blackmagic design bought Da Vinci and needed an Eastern USA reseller for the revitalized Resolve product line. Film Systems was selected and became very successful in building, selling and training on Linux and Mac Resolve color correctors, Revival Restoration and UltraScope products.

The color correction industry was significantly changing to process all the new digital formats with less need for film scanning, so to get back to his colorist roots, David with help from good friend and fellow Colorist Ron Anderson started his own color correction company, ColorScene. He uses a Resolve color correction system installed in a purpose-built grading suite. His years of experience in product management and concept design for color correction products helped him create highly efficient color correction processes and workflows to match the requirements of a nearly all digital world.

David color grades on a regular basis and is also a certified Blackmagic Resolve trainer and a member of the ICA where he regularly teaches people the art of color.

Jonathan Catt

Systems Architect, Storage Systems Engineer & Trainer

Jonathan Catt joined ColorScene in 2012 while finishing up his Bachelors of Science degree in Information Systems from USF. After graduating in 2013, Jonathan became the lead designer and engineer for our turn-key DaVinci Resolve, Restoration, NAS and SAN Storage Systems. He specializes in all aspects of system development from facility audit & initial planning, to development, final test, installation and Admin training.

In 2014, Jonathan designed our ZFS Storage Systems (Bit-Buckets) allowing our customers to integrate high-capacity storage pools for dramatically lower costs per TB than traditional storage systems. In 2015, Jonathan completed training with Scale Logic Systems as a authorized Installer and Trainer on the HyperFS SAN System and Genesis Storage Appliances. Subsequently he has worked with StorNext and now Pixitmedia's PixStor 5 software defined storage solutions.

Jonathan is certified NSE Level 3 and has a thorough understanding of MPAA and NTP security requirements. In his spare time he Scuba dives whenever he can and has a lot his best ideas when he is 120ft underwater!

Tony Fox

Business Development