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Film & Video Restoration

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DIAMANT - Film Restoration & Dustbusting Suite

Tools for dust-busting, de-flickering, stabilization and fixing many other kinds of film defects are all part of the DIAMANT-Film Restoration Suite.

Since 2001 DIAMANT-FILM Restoration has been used successfully in film archives, post-houses, studios and laboratories around the world. The software is a professional solution for automatic, semi-automatic and interactive film restoration that will handle almost any type of film defect, cleaning, enhancement, and repair. The Filters, which can be thought of as plug-ins, are selectively used to deal with different restoration issues. These well-proven filters and an easy to use interface significantly help simplify the digital restoration workflow.

The DIAMANT-Film Restoration suite consists of several software components for various aspects of a restoration project. These components allow you to organize the restoration effort, define jobs, manage real-time viewing, batch rendering and generation of reports. In addition, a fully integrated Annotator is built into the DIAMANT-Film Restoration suite which allows for preparation, estimation, and documentation of all steps in the restoration process. Easy automation of common restoration tasks and unattended processing on a workstation or render farm can be scheduled using the Diamant "Batch Renderer" which allows multiple projects to automatically run in the background and with its resolution-independent processing (SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K or any format in between) and at 8, 10, 12, or 16-bit color depth in lin or log formats Diamant can handle any restoration workflow.


Semi-automatic dust busting tool for Windows 64bit and Mac OS-X including automatic filters and function for efficient interactive and automatic dust-busting. The tool provides one operator with an optimized environment for immediate repair and fixes. Is fully compliant with ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, IRIDAS SpeedGrade and also plugs-in into DVS Clipster/Pronto.

Tools: Dust, Interpolate (frame repair), SpliceRepair, Clone, InPaint (spatial interpolation), ExInPaint (auto heal), Repair, Paint, ColorBalance, HistoryBrush, Blur, Sharpen

Filters: Dust, ExInPaint (camera hair removal), Primary Color Correction, Transform, DeadPixel, History, NoiseTV, Paint, StabROI, Invert


Interactive cloning and dust-busting tool for Windows 64bit and Mac OS-X. The tool provides one operator with a convenient and efficient environment for manual cloning, interpolation and dust-busting.

Tools: Clone, Dust, Interpolate (frame repair), HistoryBrush, Paint, Transform

DIAMANT-FILM DustBuster+ Demo for Windows & Macintosh

Try before you buy! Download the demo version of DustBuster+, and decide for yourself. (The demo version is full featured, but you cannot save any of your work.) Download either the Windows or Mac version below:

MacOS X Windows


Includes all features from the other editions. Digital film restoration software for dual processor workstation on Windows 8/7 64bit. Full featured software package including tools for dust-busting, scratch removal, de-noise, de-graining, de-flickering, image stabilisation, de-warping, re-graining, color registration and many more (~30 filters). Supports 64 bit, multi GPU, batch rendering and optional a render farm.


Includes all featurs of DustBuster+. Additionally offers the MovieManager for project management, multiple generations, proxy support and project sharing between several stations.

DIAMANT-Video Restoration SUITE

The DIAMANT-Video Suite is based on our experience from the DIAMANT-Film Restoration Suite, which is successfully being used for more than 15 years in professional film restoration facilities. The new DIAMANT-Video Suite is a new and dedicated product which focuses on the demands and typical defects appearing in analogue and digital video restoration.

Digital Vision - Pheonix Restoration Suite

The Phoenix suite of products offers world class restoration tools for the most demanding jobs, and features Digital Vision's award-winning DVO technology. Phoenix is designed to produce great results fast with less manual intervention. With a familiar timeline based interface, the artist and archivist can easily review and retouch defects in context as required.

Using the Phoenix, means you never have to compromise on image quality. With automated and semi-automated file-based restoration features for greater operator efficiency, the only decision to be made is which Phoenix version provides the right level of functionality for the task in hand.

Phoenix Video

An end-to-end solution that includes a highly automated restoration and enhancement solution for handling video content stored on tape formats such as 1ยจ, U-Matic and Betacam SP. The system handles common image defects such as dropouts, severe noise, cross colour artifacts, line sync problems and more.

  • Multi-Track Timeline w/ Conform and Scene Detection
  • Video I/O - SD,HD 444
  • SD,HD Deliverables
  • DVO Video - Line Sync, Cross Colour, Dropout, Fix, Dropout + Fix, Noise, Aperture, Chroma
  • DVO Convert - Twister, De-Interlace, Upscale
  • Basic Color Correction Tools

Phoenix Touch

A cost effective image restoration software, aimed at film based material and for cleaning up VFX plates and DI scans. Phoenix Touch contains powerful automatic dust-busting capability alongside a high quality manual repair toolset that can turn around intensive repair tasks quickly. Phoenix Touch can also act as assist station to Phoenix Refine and Phoenix Finish.

  • Multi-Track Timeline
  • Background Scene Detection
  • SD,HD,2K,4K Deliverables
  • DVO Dust & Fix

Phoenix Refine

The best high-end restoration toolset for repairing damage to film material. Combining the best in automatic, semi-automatic and manual restoration tools, Phoenix Refine adds editorial and effects processing capability, including:

  • Multi-Track Timeline w/ Conform and Scene Detection
  • Video I/O - SD,HD 444
  • SD,HD,2K,4K Deliverables
  • DVO Dust & Fix
  • DVO Restore Tools - Dust, Scratch, Fix, Print Align, Steady, Flicker
  • DVO Enhance Tools - Clarity, Grain, Re-grain, Alias, Sharpen, Brickwall, Aperture
  • Color Managment Tool

Phoenix Finish

Brings all the power of both Phoenix Refine and Phoenix Video together in a unique combination, allowing users to fully correct and deliver projects of mixed film and video media within a single timeline, including:

  • Phoenix Video Suite
  • Phoenix Refine Suite
  • Powerful Colour Tools
  • DVO Upscale for optimised upscaling to larger formats
  • DVO Deinterlace
  • DVO Twister for sophisticated motion-compensated frame rate conversion.
  • Optional camera RAW support.

Turn-Key Systems and Additional Inquiries

ColorScene is a full-service Digital Vision reseller and approved systems integrator for turn-key Phoenix Restoration systems. Please contact us to design the perfect system and tools to meet your restoration needs.

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