ATEM Camera Converter
ATEM Camera Converter
ATEM Camera Converter

ATEM Camera Converter

$ 625.00

Get SDI and HDMI cameras close to the action for live production!

ATEM Converters revolutionize live production! Connect to cameras via optical fiber up to 28 miles away from a switcher and get bi-directional video, audio, talkback and tally signals! ATEM Camera Converter and ATEM Studio Converter can be used independently or together for the most amazing results. Camera Converter converts your SDI or HDMI camera’s video output to optical fiber and also embeds external audio from the camera location. It also includes talkback and tally!

Talkback and Tally

Connect all your cameras to a switcher over the longest distances you’re ever likely to need! A single optical fiber connection eliminates the need to run separate cables for video, talkback and tally between cameras and a control room. Camera operators can communicate with the switcher operator using talkback, which is embedded into the optical fiber connection. Tally signals and program feeds are sent back to camera operators so they know exactly when their camera is live.

Optical Fiber Link

ATEM Converters connect to each other using single mode optical fiber cable with standard LC connectors. Optical fiber is the perfect technology for connecting to cameras situated a long distance away from switchers. Optical fiber is affordable and lets you connect way beyond the distance of traditional copper cables. It’s also widely available, easy to use and costs less than video coax when using long cable lengths. ATEM Converters follow SMPTE specifications for fiber distances of 28 miles (45km).

Designed for Live Production

ATEM Camera Converter is machined from a solid block of aluminum to withstand daily use in live production environments. It features an internal rechargeable battery that provides more than 3 hours of operation on a single charge. LED indicators show the battery power level, plus valid video and optical signals. The integrated belt clip lets you move around easily while connected to headsets or even iPhone headphones. Up to four Camera Converters can be connected to a single ATEM Studio Converter that features 4 bi-directional fiber converters, each with SDI, HDMI and AES/EBU audio outputs. Studio Converter’s one rack unit size is perfect for OB vehicles and flyaway kits.

Innovative Technology

ATEM Converters feature full broadcast quality with 10-bit video data paths, HD-SDI video technology and support for optical fiber SDI with a high quality laser driver for long distance connections. ATEM Converters also feature incredible audio technology. Talkback audio is embedded into channels 15 and 16 of the camera optical fiber video output, and can be listened to on channels 15 and 16 of the optical fiber input on the headphones. ATEM Camera Converter has a Press To Talk ‘PTT’ button for operators and headphone level control buttons on the keypad!

Blackmagic Utility Software

Blackmagic Design’s Converter Utility software lets you control converter functions including the ability to number cameras for easy identification and to set tally signal features. The converter Utility Software also lets you update your ATEM Converters with the latest software via USB 2.0 connections on each converter. Download firmware updates that may add new features, support for new formats and standards, or provide increased compatibility with other video and audio hardware. Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.