UltraStudio SDI
UltraStudio SDI
UltraStudio SDI
UltraStudio SDI

UltraStudio SDI

$ 395.00

UltraStudio SDI is so compact it fits right into your hand! UltraStudio SDI can be hidden under desks or taken on location. With an attractive machined aluminum design, it looks great on your desk or on location shoots. UltraStudio SDI includes a built in HDMI output so you can even use a low cost television as a broadcast monitor! We also include Photoshop plug-ins, NLE drivers and our award winning Media Express deck control software! Perfect with laptops for SDI acquisition on location, or in large creative groups so all computers can be connected to broadcast routing infrastructure, UltraStudio SDI is the perfect low cost solution!

UltraStudio SDI is an attractive and compact design that’s machined out of a solid block of aluminum for incredible strength. That means you get a beautifully finished uni-body design that looks great on your desk. UltraStudio SDI includes a mounting bracket that lets you mount it under desks or on walls for added security. UltraStudio SDI eliminates messy power supplies because it powers from the USB 3.0 connection, plus there are no switches or adjustments because it automatically switches between SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI video formats.

Attractive Portable Design

Award winning design means quality down to the millimeter.

Sleek and Innovative Design!

All UltraStudio models are machined from aluminum for portability and exceptional durability. Thin, portable and lightweight, they sit perfectly on your deskt or go easily on location. With UltraStudio SDI there’s no need for an external power supply since it’s powered by its USB connection, so you really can take it anywhere you work! UltraStudio Pro’s modern design hides messy cables and includes built in VU metering so you can accurately and easily monitor audio levels.

Desktop and Portable Models

UltraStudio Pro includes the widest range of video and audio connections for USB 3.0 capture and playback. Advanced broadcast electronics are housed in an attractive ultra thin design that looks great on your desk. You also get high quality up, down and cross conversion, full 10-bit video and internal SD keying built in. UltraStudio Pro has everything you need for capturing and mastering with professional decks for amazing video quality.

UltraStudio SDI is an incredibly lightweight and portable SDI capture and playback solution with HDMI monitoring. Its sturdy and robust machined aluminum design weighs just 9 ounces and is small enough to fit in your pocket! Powered directly by its USB 3.0 connection, you can now capture and playback with professional SDI equipment in any location. UltraStudio SDI includes an HDMI output so you can use a low cost TV for broadcast monitoring.

Highest Quality Connections

Connect to virtually any video device

With the highest quality digital and analog video connections, UltraStudio is available in two fantastic models depending on the connections you need! UltraStudio SDI is perfect when all you need is capture and playback with professional SDI equipment. The HDMI output lets you connect to low cost monitors and the unit is powered by the USB 3.0 connection for true portability. UltraStudio Pro lets you connect to virtually any video device. Built-in SDI and HDMI input and outputs are combined with a long 7 foot

breakout cable for analog component YUV, S-Video and composite video plus 2 channel AES/EBU, 4 channel XLR analog audio, down converted SD-SDI output, blackburst/tri-sync reference and deck control. Because the cable is so long, the connectors are a long way away from the UltraStudio Pro unit so you can easily hide them under desks where they can't be seen. Perfect for connecting to cameras, monitors, televisions, video projectors or broadcast decks such as HDCAM, HD-D5, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, and more!

Advanced Technology

Perfect for editing, keying, VFX and color correction

Broadcast Quality

UltraStudio features super low jitter 3G-SDI connections, so it’s become a popular choice by major broadcast networks. You get both compressed and uncompressed video capture at broadcast quality 10-bit 4:2:2 YUV. Only uncompressed video captures every bit of every pixel for an exact mirror image between capture and playback. Working with the highest quality uncompressed video is perfect for editing, sharp keying with green screens, VFX compositing and color correction!

SuperSpeed USB 3.0™

UltraStudio SDI and UltraStudio Pro are designed to work with high performance SuperSpeed USB 3.0 laptop and workstation computers. Get all the advantages of USB plug and play connectivity with a 4.8 Gb/s connection. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and 6 times faster than FireWire 800! Super Speed USB 3.0 has become the standard on most modern computers so there are hundreds of solutions to build your dream editing studio!

Advanced Broadcast Technology

UltraStudio takes the most advanced broadcast technology and shrinks it down to an incredibly small size. This means you get an attractive design with the quality to do the advanced broadcast and post production work that meets technical requirements. You can capture in both compressed and uncompressed video at the highest 10-bit 4:2:2 YUV as well as choosing to work in SD and HD video resolutions up to 720 and 1080 HD. UltraStudio Pro also adds high quality hardware up/down/cross conversion for flexibility, so you can edit in one format and output in another.